009: Wendy Shand – Building a £Multi-million holiday business after a parent’s worst nightmare

Podcast - 009 - Wendy Shand - Tots to Travel

In this episode I interview Wendy Shand, founder of Tots To Travel, a multi-award winning holiday provider, who specialise in providing parents with young children and babies a stress free holiday experience. Wendy set up Tots to Travel in 2006 after a horrible holiday experience in which her two-year-old fell into an unenclosed pool. Since…

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008: Francesca Tortora – Doing it for the kids

Podcast Artwork - 008 - Francesca Tortora

In this episode, I talk to fellow Parentpreneur Francesca Tortora, a Freelance Graphic designer who works with individuals, small businesses and established brands across the arts, media and charitable sectors. Alongside her graphic design work, in 2016 Francesca set up ‘Doing It For the Kids.net’ – a site that compiles stories from other Freelancing Parents.…

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007: David Walker – Finding the right business idea to help him spend time with his wife and daughter

007 - David Walker

This interview is with David Walker, an awesome Parentpreneur who I’ve been working with through my accelerator program. David is in the early stages of growing a new business that helps entrepreneurs to protect their brand using an online toolkit that takes you through the steps to ensure you have a significant amount of legal…

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006: Olga Shoraka – Helping women to succeed

Quote from Olga Shoraka on the Parentpreneur Accelerator Podcast

In this episode, I interview Olga Shoraka, Google Campus London Ambassador for Women@Campus community. Previously, Olga spent 8 years in financial services in New York focusing on equities in the technology sector. She is currently a full time MBA student at London Business School. Olga has been a long-time advocate for closing a gender achievement…

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005: How to avoid the most common cause of failure for a startup

“The trap that most entrepreneurs fall into when starting their business is to create a product that no one wants” - Alexis Kingsbury

If you are a Parentpreneur with an early stage startup (that hasn’t got sales yet), or are planning to start a new business, then you’ve just struck gold. 🙂 In this episode of the Parentpreneur Accelerator Podcast, I talk about the most common cause of startup failure, and explain why focusing on getting your first sale is…

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