007: David Walker – Finding the right business idea to help him spend time with his wife and daughter

007 - David Walker

This interview is with David Walker, an awesome Parentpreneur who I’ve been working with through my accelerator program. David is in the early stages of growing a new business that helps entrepreneurs to protect their brand using an online toolkit that takes you through the steps to ensure you have a significant amount of legal…

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006: Olga Shoraka – Helping women to succeed

Quote from Olga Shoraka on the Parentpreneur Accelerator Podcast

In this episode, I interview Olga Shoraka, Google Campus London Ambassador for Women@Campus community. Previously, Olga spent 8 years in financial services in New York focusing on equities in the technology sector. She is currently a full time MBA student at London Business School. Olga has been a long-time advocate for closing a gender achievement…

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005: How to avoid the most common cause of failure for a startup

“The trap that most entrepreneurs fall into when starting their business is to create a product that no one wants” - Alexis Kingsbury

If you are a Parentpreneur with an early stage startup (that hasn’t got sales yet), or are planning to start a new business, then you’ve just struck gold. 🙂 In this episode of the Parentpreneur Accelerator Podcast, I talk about the most common cause of startup failure, and explain why focusing on getting your first sale is…

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004: Aleksandra King – Protecting a work-life balance and making decisions consistent with her values

"Its OK to have bad days. Look at what they're telling you and use them to gear your life in a better way for you" - Aleksandra King

In this episode of the Parentpreneur Accelerator Podcast, I talk to Aleksandra King, a fellow Parentpreneur with a business specialising in a communication – helping her clients to communicate their message to their target audience. Aleksandra has a wealth of experience in this field, having worked on high profile projects with companies such as Hugo…

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003: Steve Bolton – Building a successful property franchise while getting time with his 4 kids

Steve Bolton - Parentpreneur Accelerator Podcast Interviewee

In this episode of the Parentpreneur Accelerator Podcast, I talk to fellow parentpreneur, Steve Bolton. He’s a dad of four and founder of Platinum Property Partners. Steve is a highly successful entrepreneur, who has had rollercoaster ride, after making his first million through an outdoor adventure and management training business before he was 30, Steve then…

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