6 reasons I’m crazy excited about the Parentpreneur Accelerator Party

On the 20th October, we’re having a party for Parentpreneurs. I am super excited about this, so I want to share with you 6 reasons why I am looking forward to it so much. 1. David and his “first sale” success David’s journey with Parentpreneur Accelerator has been slowed more than some, by having other…

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Good Recruitment is like Good Marketing

On a recent #AskAlexis I was asked about how I hire A-players, and how important hiring is. Hiring the right people into your business is one of the most important things that you need to do well as an entrepreneur. Staff are normally your biggest cost by a long way, and leveraging them effectively is…

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Why a ‘great idea’ will kill your business and destroy your family

Hi, I’m Alexis Kingsbury, the founder of the Parentpreneur Accelerator. I’m a serial entrepreneur, having built successful startups in a variety of areas, including an online software business (Spidergap.com) that provides me with financial freedom. I’m also a lucky husband and proud dad, and now I help other ‘Parentpreneurs’ like me to achieve their dreams…

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How to solve a complex problem without your startup having funding or a team

Is your startup stuck in this catch-22?

In the Parentpreneur Accelerator Community Group, Nathalie asked a fantastic question… “My startup aims to solve a very complex problem that no one else has solved. How can I do this without a team or funding?” Nathalie faces a classic ‘catch-22’ for a startup. She explained that the problem she wants to solve needs significant resources (software developers, research etc.) so she…

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#100WastedWeeks – When to use social media in your startup business

Lots of social media icons

Most entrepreneurs do social media way too early. They spend ages on getting followers, sharing content, retweeting, building and managing groups… and then wonder why money doesn’t flood in. They aren’t stupid. Thousands of social media experts, courses, workshops, presentations and articles tell entrepreneurs that “you have to be on social media”. Google has 480 million results for…

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