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Through the Parentpreneur Accelerator Podcast, we help you to build the startup business of your dreams, whilst having time with the family you love.

It is hosted by serial entrepreneur and proud dad, Alexis Kingsbury. After 17+ years and 8+ startups, Alexis knows that building startups is not easy. So this podcast aims to give you the advice you need to make it easier to create a successful startup business, without having to neglect quality time with your family.

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We help parents to build successful startup businesses whilst having time with the family they love

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Our online 'Parentpreneur Accelerator' program takes you from an idea (or no idea) to successful business.

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Our accelerator program has helped these Parentpreneurs (and many others) to build their startups:

6 Steps to Your First Sales

Our 6-step approach avoids the causes of startup failure

As part of our accelerator program, we take you through a step-by-step approach to focus you on the specific actions you REALLY need to take to grow your start up business, without having to sacrifice that precious time with your family while juggling a billion things at once.

We know the program makes a huge difference:

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