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Note - This is a recording of the first workshop in a previous program when it was just one e-workshop per week, you'll actually get much more (read further down the page to find out what you'll receive).

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Learn How to Achieve 100% (or 110%+) Attendance On Your Courses In Just 6 Weeks

Hello, it's Alexis here. Tell me...

  • Do you feel like you work hard to provide high quality development initiatives, but find getting people to enrol even harder?
  • Do you find that people who enrol in your courses sometimes don't attend?
  • Do your training courses fall down the priority list when other activities (e.g. client meetings) come up?
  • If so, do you think that's likely to mean the business is getting the most from its employees, its talent, its lifeblood?

You are working hard, no doubt. But lack of attendance is undermining your endeavour. If this is sounding all too familiar, you need a fresh approach.

The course facilitator, Alexis Kingsbury:

As someone who has delivered training for over a decade, I know what it is like to struggle with attendance. I used to get frustrated that although I had great content, people didn't seem to pay attention or seem that committed to showing up. I wasn't interested in Marketing, I was interested in training...

However, that changed when I founded a consultancy business, and then an online software tool, and found myself responsible for the Marketing of them!

I suddenly had to learn how to grab attention, create desire and help people consistently take action - even if the customer's road to success initially looked long and bumpy.

I knew I didn't have the skills or experience to do this on my own, so I learned how to market products and services from the best (such as Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk).

I also attended a whole host of amazing training programs where I saw how successful speakers and trainers (such as Andy Harrington and James Lavers) filled their courses and seminars with hundreds of people.

As a result of investing in learning, and then applying what I learned, I now own three successful businesses.

Through my consultancy, I have now worked with hundreds of talent managers and leaders from a variety of organizations (such as Sony, AstraZeneca, BP, IMI and TUI Travel) to help them get the best from their people, and to do so in a way that gains solid support from leadership.

Through my software business, I've helped people from more than 122 countries, helping them to identify and address their biggest areas for improvement.

So in 2015, when I asked some of my L&D clients what their biggest frustration was and many said "poor training attendance", I took what I had learned and developed a new approach that L&D can use to achieve fantastic results.

Introducing the 'DNA' model.

3-step strategy to increase attendance...

This new approach will transform the way you look at development, promotion and delivery of training courses.


Learn how to create and communicate an irresistible offering that employees would travel many miles & pay vast amounts to attend (but won’t need to)


Find out how to set up processes & mechanisms that will ensure that 100% of spaces on your courses are filled and attended


Understand exactly how to deliver incredible value in a way that causes employees to share what they learn with others (resulting in 110% attendance), and help fill your next course

If you've not attended my courses before, rest assured I've delivered hundreds of workshops and training programs before, and they go seem to go down very well:

"Alexis is an outstanding consultant whose passion for coaching and training is obvious.

He forms great working relationships, is truly trustworthy and always finds time to offer sound advice when needed.

His knowledge and technical skills are first rate and I recommend him wholeheartedly."

Bob Gray - Manager, United Closures & Plastics

"Alexis combines experience in the industry with superb analytical skills enabling you to obtain tangible results."

Sonia Pimm - Talent and Learning Manager, Maitland

"I have been impressed that the team has both excellent technical knowledge and organisation/people development know how. They have consistently been able to help."

Joe McCarron - L&D Business Partner, GPhC

"I had crossed paths with Alexis on a few projects and had always been very impressed by him.

I therefore took the opportunity to employ his services directly - and I am very glad that I did.

Alexis is easy and fun to work with as well as being incredibly smart. His energetic and passionate style is infectious and he always manages to challenge those around him in a manner that keeps them receptive and engaged.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alexis if you are keen to explore how you and your business can work better."

Toby Morrish - Sony Computer Entertainment

Here Is What You Get When You Register Today...

Week #1 - Why we aim for 110% attendance, and how the DNA model gets us there

1 x Course workbook

1 x Live eWorkshop: Why we aim for 110% attendance, how the DNA model helps us achieve this, and how this course is structured

3 x Video tutorials: Overviews of the 3 steps of the DNA model; Desire, Network and Amplify, and actions for you to complete

1 x Interactive call: Q&A session

Week #2 - How to create DESIRE that causes courses to 'sell out'

1 x Live eWorkshop: Why we need to establish DESIRE, and how the '3 keys' of desire help us achieve this

3 x Video tutorials: How to use each of the 3 keys to create DESIRE (selling the end benefit, using social proof, and creating urgency), plus actions for you to complete

1 x Interactive call: Q&A session

Week #3 - How to leverage the NETWORK to ensure everyone shows up

1 x Live eWorkshop: Why we need to leverage NETWORK influence, and how each of the '3 keys' of help us to do this

3 x Video tutorials: How to use each of the 3 keys of utilizing the NETWORK (utilising experts & managers, getting referrals, and reminding people to attend), plus actions for you to complete

1 x Interactive call: Q&A session

Week #4 - How to AMPLIFY what you do, to support learning across the organization, and fill your next course

1 x Live eWorkshop: Why you should AMPLIFY what you do and how the '3 keys' of amplification help you to support learning across the organization, and fill your next course

3 x Video tutorials: How to use each of the 3 keys to AMPLIFY your effort (delight thorugh amazing value, making it easy to share, and tactics for spiralling upward), plus actions for you to complete

1 x Interactive call: Q&A session

Week #5 - How to overcome common obstacles and limiting beliefs that result in falling attendance

1 x Live eWorkshop: What common obstacles and limiting beliefs you are likely to face, and the importance of overcoming them

3 x Video tutorials: How to overcome each of the most common obstacles and limiting beliefs, plus actions for you to complete

1 x Interactive call: Q&A session

Week #6 - Planning the way forward, keeping momentum & advanced techniques

Resources for you to use, refer back to and share with colleagues.

Extra support and guidance on how to make changes stick, and tips to reduce the time it takes you to fill your courses.

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Let's put things into perspective.

If you are finding a lack of support of your L&D efforts, this is costing your business time and money.

If your company's approach to training enrolment & attendance is stuck in the old ways it's unlikely you will be getting the max from your employees, your talent.

That's costing your business time and money.

If you and the management are at loggerheads over the true value of your training offerings then you are having the WRONG kind of discussion together.

That is also costing the business time and money.

Switch to a smarter way of thinking, doing and delivering and you will be able to get so much more from your managers and employees:

  • More energy and enthusiasm from employees and managers towards learning
  • More productive and more efficient ways of delivering training
  • Better performance from employees that are learning new skills
  • Innovative ideas from employees that are more able join-the-dots between things they learn
  • Higher retention & satisfaction due to personal growth & increased significance
  • Stronger succession plans, as employees learn broader and deeper skills

Which means the business will SAVE time and money...

...and L&D will rightly be recognised for achieving the results.

Think about how much this could improve the performance, results and bottom line of the business.

You can make the change and achieve your goals with my help.

If you were to hire me to deliver a workshop at your company, the fee would be around $10,000 per day.

But when you become a member of the 110% Training Attendance Program you can access all my knowledge and expertise, for a fraction of that cost.

When you see how to implement the 3-Step Strategy you'll see how we can make achieving high training attendance low effort, and fun.

It makes good sense for your organization, and it places L&D where it should be - at the heart of every company.

Early Bird Discounted Price: $1447 (Full price: $1947)

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Still unsure?

Zero Risk with my 'More Than Your Money back' Guarantee

Even though I’m very confident that you’ll be thrilled with the entire program, and that when you implement the strategies I share, your training attendance will be transformed forever, I realise that until you’ve attended and experienced this first hand, you can’t know that for sure.

And whilst the financial investment in attending this program is negligible, I realise that for serious L&D professionals like us, your most valuable asset is your time.

So to put your mind at ease completely – right from the start – I’m going to give you a ‘more than your money back’ guarantee!

Here’s how it works…

If you’re anything less than 100% satisfied with the program and have attended all of the sessions; just let me know and I’ll happily refund your attendance fee, PLUS up to $50 of documented expenses (e.g. costs of dialling in to Q&A sessions)…


In other words you’ll receive a refund of the training program price – plus up to $50 to cover your additional expenses, so there’s no way you could possibly be out of pocket.

Remember, this is not just about your employees. It’s about your standing within the company.

If employees are not taking up the training that’s no different to a patient failing to turn up for their appointment - it wastes valuable time and money.

Over the weeks and months, that can add up to a large bill for your bosses.

But if you get it right - you'll see more motivated, knowledgeable and skilled employees… you'll see learning being shared across teams as a matter of course… and you'll get the BEST out of people.

That’s excellent for the company, great for the employees, and makes you look good in the eyes of the Board.

This program helps you achieve that.

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