3 Steps to Improve Training Attendance

3 Steps to Improve Training Attendance

In previous posts I’ve talked about the damage that poor training attendance can do to the status of L&D, the ongoing development of employees, and why L&D need a new approach.

In this post I’m going to introduce 3 steps to improve training attendance at your organization.

I developed these based on research of what the top trainers and speakers in the world do to get people to register and attend their courses, and then explored how to apply these within organizations for in-house training and development resources.

Jon Kennard (Editor of TrainingZone) and I will be co-hosting a free webinar on the 25th June 2015, where we’ll cover these steps in more detail and provide practical ways in which you can implement these in your organization. (Click here to find out more and register to attend).

The 3-Step ‘DNA’ model:

Step one: Create DESIRE

First you need to make sure you are creating and communicating an irresistible offering that employees would travel miles & pay vast amounts to attend (regardless of whether they need to or not!).

This will enable you to break down barriers of ‘busy-ness’, and reluctance to enroll. You also need to empower employees to act quickly, and defend their place on the course.

Step two: Leverage the NETWORK in your organization

Getting attendance at training as an external provider is hard – the networks between people, and the ability to communicate with potential attendees is patchy. Within organizations this is a lot easier.

So next, set up the processes & mechanisms to ensure that spaces on your courses are filled and attended. This includes using referrals, encouragement from managers, endorsements from experts and email automation/reminders to get the word out.

This will enable you to get the message out quickly and (relatively) effortlessly. You will also help employees and managers commit to ensuring those that enroll, attend.

Step three: AMPLIFY and spiral upward

Finally, you need to deliver incredible value in a way that causes employees to share what they learn with others (resulting in what I call ‘110% attendance’), and gets them to register for other courses through their increased appetite for development.

Doing this helps you to capitalise on success, making the first two steps easier and easier. You’ll also find that the skills you learn by carrying out the steps above enable you to further encourage everyone’s quest for personal development.

I hope you found the steps above useful.

If you’d like to learn more, I’ll be co-hosting a free webinar on “3 Steps to Improve Training Attendance” with Jon Kennard (Editor of TrainingZone) on the 25th June 2015. We’ll cover these steps in more detail and provide you with tips and practical next steps for your organization. (Click here to find out more and register to attend).

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