6 big questions about Millennial Talent for HR and L&D professionals

6 big questions about Millennial Talent for HR and L&D

Millennials (people born between early 1980s and early 2000s) are presenting a new challenge for HR and L&D professionals.

Research suggests Millennials want faster progression, more development, and visible results. They are also keener to work in teams, form and join communities, work with technology and travel overseas.

Of course there are some vastly differing views… Some articles have criticized this generation for being too ‘entitled’, unwilling to work long hours or even ‘deluded narcissists’. Some articles suggest Millennials are ‘just like everyone else’.

So as this is a hot topic, I’ve been speaking to HR and L&D professionals to find out what they are experiencing (as they have a front row seat).

Specifically, I’ve been asking:

  1. What do they observe about this generation, now that some are turning 30 and entering the talent pool of future senior managers and leaders?
  2. What new issues are they encountering with this generation (in terms of hiring, engagement, development and retention)?
  3. How are they dealing with these issues (and what works / doesn’t work)?
  4. What new opportunities and benefits have they seen from Millennial Talent, and how can organizations nurture these?
  5. How do they anticipate HR and L&D practices need to change to better engage and develop Millennial talent?
  6. What further research needs to be done in this area (what are the ‘unknowns’)?

Over the next few weeks I’ll share answers to these based on my conversations, research and experience.

In particular, look out for my next post in this series, where I’ll share a specific problem that one of my clients have had with the retention of talented Millennials, and a really interesting way that they’re addressing it.

In the meantime, what do you think? What other questions should I be asking? What are your answers to the above?

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