6 reasons I’m crazy excited about the Parentpreneur Accelerator Party

On the 20th October, we’re having a party for Parentpreneurs. I am super excited about this, so I want to share with you 6 reasons why I am looking forward to it so much.

1. David and his “first sale” success

David WDavid’s journey with Parentpreneur Accelerator has been slowed more than some, by having other priorities (including his existing Legal practice, and family health issues) pop up at various points. As parents we all have different challenges to overcome, so I’m really glad our program does not have a stopwatch – we support the Parentpreneur for as long as they need.

What’s brilliant is that David continued to follow our 6 steps guidance and since our last party has achieved his first sale. This is great news and demonstrates his resilience. I for one, cannot wait to hear about the last few months in his journey and celebrate his success!

2. Being part of a relaxed and informal environment with an opportunity to meet lots of new Parentpreneurs and for us all to share our ideas

Sophie E on chair at partySetting out in business on your own can be extremely daunting, especially when you are trying to balance family life. Turning up at events completely alone can add to the anxiety that you are feeling, so let me reassure you, you will be welcomed with open arms and greeted by the friendliest group of Parentpreneurs that I know.

The party is a relaxed and informal environment to share your new business ideas without any need to feel like you will be judged or made to feel unwelcome.

It is my goal (and life purpose!) to help as many Parentpreneurs as I can to build a business that enables them to spend more time with their families, so I am always overjoyed when I get to meet so many more of you.

3. Leaving the party feeling motivated and fired up to propel our businesses to the next level

Tanja K presenting at partyThere is no better way to fire yourself up than by attending an event full of likeminded individuals and to hear the stories of our Parentpreneurs successes. These are people just like me and you, who started out with an idea of wanting to create a better life for themselves and their families.

The energy after our last party was electric for weeks afterwards so I cannot wait to experience this again and to feel all the positivity shared between you all.

4. To watch our children playing and bonding so beautifully

Balloons on mat at partyAt the last party I found it immensely touching to watch our children having so much fun with the entertainer that we had arranged for them.

Various painted faces running around, shrieks of joy at balloon models, and parents grinning about how much fun their kids were having.

Alexis (and Ethan) presenting at partyAfter all, isn’t this why we are doing this? Making time with our children whilst ensuring they have a safe and happy future.

It was particularly lovely for me to watch my son Ethan enjoying it all so much, (and joining me on the stage!) and it made me very proud that I was responsible for creating an environment to spend more time with our children like this.

5. We’ll be at Google Campus

Google Campus Floor 3 PanoramaWow! What a venue to secure! When we set off looking to secure a super venue for our party, Google was on top of the list and one I truly hoped we would get. (Well done Lara!)

Google is renowned for its unique way of doing things in the world of entrepreneurship and more recently its support for helping Parents build successful businesses around a family life, so it is amazing to have such a fantastic company support us on our journey by letting us have use of their facilities for our event.

6. Hearing how Tinu & Juliette have progressed since our last party

At our last party, I met Juliette and Tinu for the very first time when they came along as guests of one of our existing Parentpreneurs. They were so impressed by the results and stories they heard on the day that they signed up to the program.

Tinu AOver the last few weeks, they have both completed the Parentpreneur Startup Accelerator program whilst looking after their little babies, demonstrating that our program really does fit into family life.

Interestingly for both of them, the startup idea they started out with has completely changed – I can’t wait for people to hear why!!

So, please register here if you’d like to attend the party next week – it’s going to be awesome!

About The Author

Alexis Kingsbury

Alexis is founder of the Parentpreneur Accelerator and Making Greatness Ltd. He is a serial entrepreneur, with experience creating start-ups in a variety of areas, particularly in SaaS and EdTech. He is also a lucky husband and proud dad, and now helps other 'parentpreneurs' like him to achieve their dreams of having successful businesses, making a difference in the world, and spending time with the people they love.

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