Are you struggling to balance time between your family and your business?
It can be hard to make the most of the time that you have to work on your business.

It's easy to end up working on the wrong things (checking emails, surfing social media etc) rather than making real progress that moves your business forward.

It's common to feel guilty when trying to balance your time.  When you are with your family you feel guilty that you aren't getting your business up & running. When you are working you feel guilty that you aren't spending more time with your family! 
Introducing... The BALANCE Masterclass
This Masterclass will help you achieve balance between building a business and getting those precious moments with your little ones (so you can stop feeling guilty all the time!)
Through this Masterclass, Alexis will help you to:
  • Prioritize the most important actions that will move your business forward
  • Organize your time to use it effectively
  • Make time for things that REALLY matter, such as your health and the people you love 
  • Stop feeling guilty when working and with family (we will actually USE the guilt to help us eliminate it!)
  • Be more "present", when working on your business and for those precious family moments
  • Adapt quickly to big changes or when things don't go to plan (without getting stressed!)

"After being stuck for a year, you are massively helping me to be unstuck!" 

- Helen N.
What’s included:
You'll get INSTANT online access to the entire Masterclass, allowing you to go through the steps whenever you have time. (Although Alexis suggests you make time for it immediately!)

Through a series of short videos, Alexis takes you through specific activities in real-time - there is no homework to complete (to forget!) or high level concepts that don't work in practice!
Your access doesn't expire - you can revisit the lessons and activities whenever you feel you are slipping from effective use of your time.
This Masterclass gets results
It brings together the most effective techniques that Alexis uses to organize his time between 3 successful businesses, daily exercise, and spending over 60 hours a week of quality time with his family.

Alexis has shared some (but not all) of these techniques with members of his Parentpreneur Startup Accelerator with AMAZING results.

For an example, watch this video of Rashmi explaining the impact these techniques had on her:

"I'm not distracted because I know that when I'm working, I'm working on things that move me closer to my goals"
We wanted to make this a no-brainer, so the price is just:
(approx. $29 USD / 25 EUR)
Not sure if this is for you?
If you don't believe you can use your time better, that you do spend the exact amount of time you want on work, family, fitness and have no problems achieving a work-life balance, then this masterclass is NOT for you.

Whereas, if you are:
  • Struggling to work on your business whilst balancing time with your family
  • Finding that you sometimes feel guilty
  • Keen to use the time you spend working as effectively as possible
... then this masterclass is perfect for you!
I know…
You might think you don't have time for this masterclass… don't fall into this trap!

As Abraham Lincoln said: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

You know that using your time effectively is the best thing you can do to help you make greater progress with your business, and get more done.

You know that if this Masterclass could help you use your time better for just two hours it would be worth the money. (Note: It has helped others make better use of whole weeks, every month!)

So, learn how to stop procrastinating and dithering, and instead sharpen that axe!
Still not sure?
Here's what other people said about the activities covered in this Masterclass:

"Wow. Using the activity from this masterclass just once helped me to achieve more in my business in 2 days than I had done in the unfocused fortnight beforehand. Even better, I had time for the most important things in life - for family, exercise and friends. I can't wait to see how much better my life is going to be in the coming weeks and months!”

- Neil U

"This is perfect for those who live very busy lives and struggle with focus!"

-  Tanja K.

"I very much like the approach. The fact you use meditation and exercise as fundamental part of the process is fantastic."

- Monica R

"All the content has been amazing. I love everything :-)"

- June A.
You can relax, we guarantee you’ll be happy…
If you don't feel you get HUGE value from this masterclass (by whatever standards you set), just let us know and we'll refund you 100% of the amount you paid, no questions asked.  (This is how sure we are that you will get value from this Masterclass.) 
Don't waste any more time. 
Get instant access to this masterclass, and start using your time more effectively.
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