Do you want to be the leader that takes your team or organization from average to exceptional?

Hi, Alexis here.

Leaders are increasingly finding that attracting; nurturing and retaining top talent (or ‘A-players’) provides them with a significant competitive advantage.

These A-players also have a huge positive impact on the motivation and energy of the teams they work in.

Leading teams of A-players doesn’t feel like work, it feels like fun.

Some leaders, such as Richard Branson, are experts in identifying and bringing these A-players into their organizations. This allows them to step back and focus on the big picture.

By contrast, if your organization is regularly losing its top talent, you’ll be left with only B, C or even D-players.

A team that loses its top talent becomes demotivated, inefficient, and won’t perform consistently well.

As a leader of this team, you’ll spend all your time managing issues, mending conflicts, micromanaging and stepping in to do things yourself.

Your organization will spend large amounts of money and time attempting to recruit top talent, but then it loses it quickly, with the poorer performers remaining.

If this continues, you’ll feel like your team saps your energy, time, and ingenuity, and you’ll start to delegate less and less. You’ll spend all your time in meetings and answering emails.

Fortunately, there is another way.

By learning and implementing the key building blocks for nurturing and retaining top talent, you’ll be able to attract, build (and keep) a team of A-players.

If you can identify the key mechanisms, processes, attitudes and resources that are letting you down, you can address these and reverse the tide.


To help you do this, I provide a diagnostic tool that helps you to evaluate the areas in which your team is being held back.

For example, it might help you identify that there are some key success skills that your team haven’t been trained in. You might find that expected career paths are demotivating your top performers. You might discover that your team does not feel they get the right kinds of freedom and encouragement.

Whatever the situation, this diagnostic tool will help you to identify the issues, prioritize them, and develop a plan to address them.

Watch the video above to find out more about the diagnostic

How the diagnostic was developed

I developed this diagnostic tool over the course of the last 5 years in my work as a coach and consultant with hundreds of organizations. I update it regularly to reflect changes in the needs and expectations of employees, feedback from clients, and the most common problems leaders have.

I have used it with teams from a variety of industries and functions to help them quickly identify their biggest barriers to success, and develop plans to overcome these.

I have also provided training, facilitation and coaching to many leaders on how to address the issues they identify, resulting in significant improvements to team morale, business performance, process efficiency, the retention of top talent, and the personal success of the leader.

Here’s what some of those clients say:

Toby Morrish

I had crossed paths with Alexis on a few projects and had always been very impressed by him.

I therefore took the opportunity to employ his services directly - and I am very glad that I did.

Alexis is easy and fun to work with as well as being incredibly smart. His energetic and passionate style is infectious and he always manages to challenge those around him in a manner that keeps them receptive and engaged.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alexis if you are keen to explore how you and your business can work better.

Toby Morrish, Software Marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment
Bob Gray Bob Gray, Fulfilment Manager, United Closures & Plastics

Alexis is an outstanding consultant whose passion for coaching and training is obvious.

He forms great working relationships, is truly trustworthy and always finds time to offer sound advice when needed.

His knowledge and technical skills are first rate and I recommend him wholeheartedly.

David Melville David Melville, HR and Organisational Change, PA Consulting Group

Alex has a rare combination of deep technical skills coupled with a great interpersonal style. The energy and insight he brought to the work we delivered made the (challenging!) work we delivered together an enjoyable and developmental experience.

So, how much does it cost?

Under normal circumstances, I would provide this diagnostic only as part of a wider project to diagnose and address the top issues of the team, typically costing $40,000-$130,000.

However, for the first time ever, I'm making the diagnostic, the report, and resources to help address the top areas to improve available to you for just $9.

Only $9?! Why?

I expect you to get huge value from the diagnostic and the resources I provide you with. Afterwards, I anticipate that afterwards you’ll do one of two things:

  1. Thank me profusely; telling me the price was way too low for the value you got, and that you plan to find ways to address the areas to improve yourself.


  1. Decide that now you understand what is holding your team back from becoming exceptional, you’ll want to get more resources and support from me to address these, becoming a long-term client of mine.

I hope you do (2), but if you end up doing (1) I won’t mind, I’ll just ask you to keep in touch, let me know how you get on, and tell me about the obstacles you encounter along the way.

For those of you that pick option (2), I’ll support you through every step of the journey to greatness; overcoming the obstacles you encounter, sharing what works with other companies, and connecting you to the people and resources you need.

An added bonus...

To increase the likelihood that you decide to become a long-term client of mine after using the diagnostic, I want to give you an added bonus…

One month's subscription to my Greatness Accelerator™ for free. (Normally $79)


This gives you access to:

  • Regular webinars covering cutting-edge thinking & case studies relating to issues faced when making employees great
  • Access to learning materials to help understand the critical success factors for greatness in detail and how to apply them
  • Regular Q&A call with an expert, where you can ask questions about your specific issues and get expert advice
  • Access to a community of other leaders to share issues, ideas and experiences
  • On-demand bite-size content covering hyper-specific issues e.g. "How to run virtual meetings that get results", "How to deliver valuable bitesize coaching & learning" etc.
  • Facilitated networking with other leaders (e.g. connecting you to someone who has recently overcome a problem you are addressing)

You’ll get huge value from these resources. They’ll help you make significant progress towards having an exceptional team, and if you then stay in the Accelerator (just $79/month), you’ll continue getting fantastic results.

However, this offer won’t last long, so don’t wait…

Buy Now

100% Money Back Guarantee

I appreciate that this may be the first time you are purchasing something from Making Greatness, so to make you feel extra comfortable, I’m offering a money-back guarantee:

If you complete the diagnostic, review the report, follow the instructions, yet feel you haven’t found it valuable, let us know and we’ll refund your $9 in full, and cancel your membership of the Accelerator.

If you get value from the diagnostic, but find Accelerator is not valuable to you, no problem – you can cancel at any time, just contact us to let us know.

Sonia Pimm Sonia Pimm, Talent & Learning Manager, Maitland

Alexis combines experience in the industry with superb analytical skills enabling you to obtain tangible results.

Joe McCarron Joe McCarron, L&D Business Partner, GPhC

I have been impressed that the team has both excellent technical knowledge and organisation/people development know how. They have consistently been able to help.

Still reading?

If you’ve lost a member of your team to a competitor that you’d rather not have done…

If some members of your team seem fed up or bored…

If you’re spending too much time in meetings and sorting out paperwork…

If you cannot identify at least two people who could fill your role if you wanted to step up / away…

If you seem to be recruiting people that are worse than you and other members of your team (rather than better)…

Then you need to complete this diagnostic, and start addressing the issues it will help you to identify.

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