Do you want to be the L&D leader that takes your organization from average to exceptional?

  • Are you seeking to create a high performing workforce that continuously develop & improve?
  • Would you like employees to say your organization is an amazing place to work because of the development they receive?
  • Do you want L&D to be recognized for the significant part you play in the organization’s success?
  • Would you like senior leaders to want to consult you when addressing their biggest challenges?

Joining the L&D Accelerator™ will enable you to lead your organization to become great, by:

L&D Accelerator on Mac
  • Equipping you with a learning platform to harness best practice and cutting edge thinking
  • Supporting you to design world-class development for employees
  • Providing you with new ways to inspire your workforce to embrace continuous development
  • Enabling you to deliver significant performance improvements that help your organization to succeed

In joining the L&D Accelerator™ you’ll become part of a community of L&D professionals that are increasingly recognized by their organizations for driving new levels of engagement and performance.

To make sure we have the right people in the community, you'll need to fill in a short application form (we want to make sure all of our members have 2+ years experience of developing employees, and are committed to improvement of L&D).

The L&D Accelerator™ includes:

  • Fortnightly webinars covering awesome cutting-edge thinking & case studies relating to issues faced by L&D (worth $4,728 per year)
  • Monthly Q&A call with Alexis, where you can ask questions about your specific issues and get expert advice (worth $2,364 per year)
  • Quarterly 1-2-1 coaching calls with Alexis to review your plan for making your organization GREAT, and commit to milestones to deliver this (worth $12,000 per year)
  • Membership of a close-knit community of L&D professionals, sharing experiences problems and ideas
  • On-demand content from Making Greatness training courses e.g. '6-week program: 3 Steps to 110% Training Attendance' (worth over $7,788)
  • Facilitated networking with other members of the L&D Accelerator (e.g. connecting you to someone who has recently overcome a problem you are addressing)
  • Access to discounts and VIP passes to events and training courses

For all these resources and support (worth over $25,000 per year), the cost of membership is just $778 per month and you can cancel at any time.

Plus, for a limited time only, the price has been reduced to just $389 per month.

(Get it now, you'll only ever pay $389 per month, even after this offer expires.)

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Don't let L&D stagnate. By not joining, you risk:

  • Failing the business

    Letting the business focus on recruitment rather than development and retention as the source for talent.

  • Becoming out of date

    L&D becoming seen as behind the times, and less significant, with many activities that can be done by managers or employees themselves.

  • Being ignored

    Feeling stressed by the increasing demands on your time, yet feeling like you aren’t listened to, and that the business doesn’t appreciate you and your potential to contribute.

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The L&D Accelerator™ will focus on the topics and issues that are most relevant to you.

During your first 1-2-1 call with Alexis, not only will you come away with a plan for improvement (with milestones that you'll be held accountable to) but your top issues will become the focus of future webinars and training resources.

So whatever issues you face, the L&D Accelerator will help you to address these.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

“I am so confident you’ll find the L&D Accelerator valuable, that if I’m offering a 30 day guarantee. Just let me know within the first 30 days if you feel the L&D Accelerator isn’t valuable to you, and I’ll refund your payment, no questions asked.” – Alexis Kingsbury, Founder of Making Greatness

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