Do you want to be able to pitch your startup business to potential customers, partners or investors in a way that really connects with them?
If you're launching a new startup, you need to learn how to deliver an awesome presentation about your business that connects you with your audience, helping you to attract customers, employees, partners and investors!

Not having the right structure in place to deliver your business presentation could undermine all your hard work to create an awesome product and this in turn could put off the people that you want to work with.

Many entrepreneurs struggle with nerves which further reduces their ability to deliver an awesome, engaging presentation.

That’s why you need a proven approach to help you deliver your presentation with passion and confidence.
Introducing... The PITCH Masterclass
This masterclass you will take you through a step-by-step approach that allows you to develop your presentation in a way that connects with your audience - attracting those much needed customers, employees, partners and investors to enable you to take your business to the next level.
Through this Masterclass, Alexis will help you to:
  • Structure your presentation in a way that quickly CONNECTS with your audience. 
  • Overcome your fear and calm pre-presentation nerves.
  • Tell an amazing story that people will remember.
  • Position your presentation against your competition in a way that shows why what you are doing is really NEEDED!

"The PITCH Masterclass was simply brilliant." 

-Sophie E
What’s included:
You'll get INSTANT online access to the entire Masterclass, allowing you to go through the steps whenever you have time.

Through a series of short videos, Alexis takes you through specific activities in real-time - there is no homework to complete (forget!) or high level concepts that don't work in practice!
Your access doesn't expire - you can revisit the lessons and activities whenever you need to prepare a pitch for your business / product. 
This has been proven to get results
This Masterclass brings together the most effective techniques that Alexis uses to present his businesses...
  • To audiences from 5 to 500
  • To potential customers, employees, investors and partners
  • Via video / in-person / webinar / the phone
  • Resulting in £1,000's of worth of sales and new business relationships
This approach has been used by other Parentpreneurs too, creating highly engaged audiences and yes, get paying customers!

For an example, watch this video of Sophie delivering a presentation about her startup to an audience of 10 people using what she learned from this Masterclass, which resulted in a further 2 pre-orders...

"Using what Sophie learned from this Masterclass resulted in 2 immediate pre-orders!"
We wanted to make this a no-brainer, so the price is just:
(approx. $29 USD / 25 EUR)
Not sure if this is for you?
If you are happy with the presentation that you deliver to your potential partners, customers, employees and investors and your business is going in the direction that you want it to then this Masterclass is NOT for you.

Whereas, if you:
  •  Are paralysed by fear at the thought of presenting your business to others.
  • Aren't sure how you should be structuring your story and presentation.  
  • Need to know how to position that all important "hook" that gets your audience engaged.
... then this masterclass is perfect for you!
I know…
You might think you don't have time for this masterclass… don't fall into this trap!
As Abraham Lincoln said:

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

You know that learning how to deliver your presentation and have your audience hooked is going to save you many hours and will have them desperate to work with you and for you.

So, stop taking the long road instead use this masterclass to nail your presentation today!
Still not sure?
Here's what other people said about the activities covered in this Masterclass:

"The PITCH Masterclass was simply brilliant. It helped me to put together a really impactful presentation much quicker than I would have done otherwise. I felt much more confident delivering my presentation because of the simple structure I had learned. I won a prize for the best presentation and got a new customer directly after as a result."

-Sophie E

"Using the activities from this Masterclass helped me create a presentation that explains who my business helps, and why my business is important in a way that really resonated with my audience. The step-by-step approach makes it easy to give a pitch that really connects with people, doesn't need to be scripted, and feels really natural."

-June A

"As a lawyer, making presentations can be tough. The law is often thought of as a dry, boring subject but I still have an important message to share and the knowledge and experience I have can literally change peoples' lives. In the past, making a connection and engaging with an audience has been a struggle but by using the structure given in the PITCH Masterclass, I was able to engage with the whole audience in the first 30 seconds in a way that was really memorable. I highly recommend it!!"

-David W
You can relax, we guarantee you’ll be happy…
If you don't feel you get HUGE value from this masterclass (by whatever standards you set), just let us know and we'll refund you 100% of the amount you paid, no questions asked.  

This is how sure we are that you will get value from this Masterclass.
Don't risk getting your presentation wrong. 

Get instant access to this masterclass, and get your pitch right to get those all important customers, partners, employees and investors on board.
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