Are you confused about where to start when setting a price for your product / service that maximizes profit?
If you're launching a new business, or a new product, you need to set a price.

However, setting the wrong price will undermine all your hard work to create an awesome product.

Set prices too high and you'll put customers off. Too low and you'll struggle to make a profit.

Sadly many entrepreneurs end up setting a price that is no better than picking a random number. As a result, they can end up trapped in the business, unable to grow it, or unsure of whether their price is the reason they aren't getting sales.

That’s why you need a proven, repeatable way to set prices. 
Introducing... The PRICING for PROFIT Masterclass
This Masterclass will take you through a step-by-step approach that allows you to quickly identify what price to set for your product, what results you should expect, and how to maximize profit from the beginning.
Through this Masterclass, Alexis will help you to:
  • Get the information you REALLY need to help you set a price (rather than waste hours on pointless research)
  • Position your price appropriately against your competition (both for your customers and for you!)
  • Build a business model that prevents it from becoming just a low paid stressful job - Work out what price will maximize your profit
  • Identify whether to split your product into differently priced levels or not (using a tool that gives you suggestions!)

"A really structured workshop to pricing with simple activities that you can do during the session and apply immediately to your business. Loved your pricing suggestion tool. ” 

- Sophie E
What’s included:
You'll get INSTANT online access to the entire Masterclass, allowing you to go through the steps whenever you have time.

Through a series of short videos, Alexis takes you through specific activities in real-time - there is no homework to complete (forget!) or high level concepts that don't work in practice!
Your access doesn't expire - you can revisit the lessons and activities whenever you need to set a price for a new product.

This has been proven to get results
This Masterclass brings together the most effective techniques that Alexis uses to launch and make sustainable profits on multiple products and businesses, including...

- Consultancy services to global corporate clients
- Online self-service software
- In-person workshops and training
- Online training and coaching programs

This approach has been used by other parentpreneurs too, to set prices 2-10X higher than they expected to charge (and yes, get paying customers!).

So, we're not exaggerating when we day that this masterclass can make you up to 10X what you'd earn without it!

For an example, watch this video of June explaining how she used what she learned from this Masterclass:

"Having that structure helped me set the right price and get orders"
We wanted to make this a no-brainer, so the price is just:
(approx. $29 USD / 25 EUR)
Not sure if this is for you?
If you are happy with the prices that you have already set for your products, and are making sufficient profit to enable you to work ON the business rather than IN it, then this Masterclass is NOT for you.

Whereas, if you:
  • Have identified that there is a demand for your product 
  • Need to set a price before you can take orders / pre-orders
  • Want to ensure you set a price that maximizes your profit (enabling you to build a business and have a life, rather than an all-hours "job")
... then this masterclass is perfect for you!
I know…
You might think you don't have time for this masterclass… don't fall into this trap!
As Abraham Lincoln said:

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

You know that learning how to set the right price is going to save you many hours, plus will help you avoid wasting time amending and changing your price in future.

So, stop taking the long road to set your price, and instead use this masterclass to set the right price today!
Still not sure?
Here's what other people said about the activities covered in this Masterclass:

“10/10. Brilliant stuff - really clear, easy-to-follow steps! And the pricing tool is fab! Looking forward to putting this into practice!"

-Rashmi S

"10/10. This training has provided practical & simple steps to take to ensuring that your business isn't tripped up by picking the wrong price. It's made a seemingly confusing topic seem much more understandable."

-Helen N

"10/10. Very useful. Really helps when deciding what to charge instead of thinking what is it worth to someone.”

-Tanja K
You can relax, we guarantee you’ll be happy…
If you don't feel you get HUGE value from this masterclass (by whatever standards you set), just let us know and we'll refund you 100% of the amount you paid, no questions asked.  (This is how sure we are that you will get value from this Masterclass.) 
Don't risk setting the wrong price. 

Get instant access to this masterclass, and set the right price for your product to maximize your profit.
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