The Parentpreneur Startup Accelerator
From 'Idea' to 'First Sale' in 6 weeks
In 2012, I realised my software business was destroying my life…

My co-founder and I had spent months working crazy hours, barely covering our costs, working weekends, rarely leaving the house, and spending very little time with our partners.

I had become seriously overweight, stressed, and was feeling desperate for success.

Then I found out that my partner was so fed up with me working long hours that she was on the verge of kicking me out!

I needed to change this lifestyle quickly!!

Four years on, life is very different…
  • My business is now serving customers in 134 countries, by companies such as New Look, Britvic, Cisco and Fitness First whilst giving me the freedom to spend time on what I want to do.
  • I spend loads of quality time with my wife and two wonderful children.
  • I'm in the best shape of my life after shedding 3 stone (19kg) of excess fat!

It also allowed me to spend more time on my passion…

I now help other parent entrepreneurs (‘Parentpreneurs’) to build successful businesses whilst having time with the people they love…as I know business success is hollow if you lose what’s most important to you in the process.

This is incredibly important to me, not only because I nearly ended up missing out on my wonderful family, but because I have now met hundreds of entrepreneurs who face this problem and have found that it is a massive problem in modern society.

I know that Parentpreneurs want to build businesses that they are proud of…whilst having healthy lifestyles and happy relationships. 

They are willing to put the time and effort in and don’t expect to ‘get rich quick’ but they do want to be confident that their hard work will be rewarded in time.

Sadly, most of the popular start up accelerator programs do the opposite, getting entrepreneurs to work like crazy for a <1% chance of making it big.

They aim to take a large group of start-ups, work them hard and see which one will become a billion-dollar company. This works great for the investors who have a small amount of money invested in every horse in the race, but sucks for the individual Parentpreneurs who have less than a 1 in 100 chance of success and so much more riding on it. 

Other Parentpreneurs seek out events, meetups and networking groups to fill the gaps in the hope they will get insights and connections that help grow their business. 

Unfortunately, these tend to be difficult for parents of young children to attend and just give the entrepreneur a ton of ‘things they must do’ on their already huge to-do list, such as blogging, social media, networking, following up, and seeking investment. 

In fact, right now you probably feel like there is so much to do, yet so little time.

That's exactly why I created the Parentpreneur Startup Accelerator.

I used what I learned with my own business to create an online 6-week program that takes you through a step-by-step approach to focus you on the specific actions you REALLY need to take to grow your start up business, without having to sacrifice that precious time with your family and juggling a billion things at once.

In early-2016, I tested this approach with eight other Parentpreneurs. After 3 months, five of them completed the program and got pre-orders (real customers paying real money for a product they want). The other three paused (due to health issues of family members, or other parts of their lives taking priority) but no one had ‘failed’ or burned out or given up.  

We keep on making improvements but right now find that 64% of people complete the program within 6 months (the others pause due to family stuff etc but plan to continue).
All of the people who complete the program get pre-orders for their business (real money from real customers, worth £2,500 on average)

This is important! Getting pre-orders proves to the entrepreneur (and their family) that there is real demand for the product as described, and gives them the traction (and cash) to grow their business.

If you are reading this, it's likely this program could help you too...

Introducing... The Parentpreneur Startup Accelerator

From 'Idea' to 'First Sale' in 6 weeks
Through the online Parentpreneur Startup Accelerator program, Alexis will help you to:
  • Design your life in a way that means you spend your time the way you want, with family, keeping fit, working on your passion 
  • Find your "Why" so that you build a business you care about and that you enjoy rather than doing it just for the money
  • Define your ideal customer so that you know exactly who your target niche is and how to reach them
  • Understand the customer's pain points so that your business is solving a real problem
  • Match a solution and business model to your customer's needs so that you are delivering real value whilst building a commercial success
  • Set a price and get pre-orders from real customers, to validate a real need for your product.
Most importantly, you'll end up with a product that has a real market, with customers willing to hand over money in advance for it!

“Finally I feel I’m making some headway with this and making some progress! Using the approach recommended in the program, I’ve been able to identify that the target market I originally was going to focus on isn’t right for me or my idea. This has saved me months of my life and ££££s!!!”

- David W.
What’s included:
Through this online Accelerator program, you'll be taken step-by-step through the 6 stages to getting your first sale.

You can take as long as you want, although it's possible to complete the program in 6 weeks.
Each of the 6 stages starts with a kick-off session, designed to help you understand the key concepts, and take you through an activity to get you up and running.

Each week you'll be prompted to complete a series of actions (supported by podcasts, videos, guides and templates) to help you complete each stage in turn.

The program focuses on only those things you NEED to understand and do. No fluff, no 'nice to haves', just the key actions. Which is why it is possible to complete the program (if you focus) by working on your business for just 6 hours per week for 6 weeks.

In addition to all the step-by-step guidance, you'll receive support through a private Facebook group (specifically for people on this program), structured peer-coaching calls with other Parentpreneurs, and weekly live Q&A calls with Alexis.

If you need to pause the program (e.g. to have a baby or look after a relative) you just stop completing activities, and the program emails automatically pause, waiting for your return. (We know that Parentpreneurs have other stuff they sometimes need to prioritize!).

Your access doesn't expire - you can revisit the lessons and activities online whenever you need to.

This has been proven to get results
You'll be getting support from a fellow Parentpreneur who has:
  • Personal experience of starting 8 startups over 17 years
  • Built 3 successful international businesses
  • Worked on his businesses whilst spending 40+ hours per week with his wife and 2 kids
  • Also spent time on fitness, reducing his weight by over 3 stone & getting in the best shape of his life
  • Helped other Parentpreneurs to complete the Startup Accelerator with an industry-beating success rate (i.e. all Parentpreneurs who have finished the Startup Accelerator have ended up getting real money from real customers)
Many other entrepreneurs (just like you!), have got huge value from completing the Startup Accelerator - getting their first real sales from real customers.

As an example, here is June, talking about her experience of previously struggling to build her startup, and the impact that the Startup Accelerator had on her getting pre-orders (worth £5,500):
"I feel that I'm finally on the path to where I want to get to."
We wanted to make this a no-brainer, so the price is just:
(approx. 650 USD / 570 EUR)
However, we aim for 100% success rate, only working with individuals that we truly believe have what it takes to successfully complete the program. This is why we are able to guarantee your completion (if you don't get your first sales as a result of the program, and decide to quit, you get your money back!)
So, to help us evaluate whether you'd be a good fit for the program, you first need to complete an application form.

When submitting your application, you'll pay a 25% deposit (£112.50) so that we know you are serious and not just submitting an application for fun!

If you are accepted onto our program, we'll contact you to let you know how to get started on the program.

If you are not accepted into the program, we'll let you know why and refund your deposit in full.

Whatever happens, as a thank you for submitting you application, we will give you access to all three of our amazing Masterclasses to work on before you get started on the PSA...for FREE (the BALANCE Masterclass in particular will give you a great head start):

This Masterclass will help you achieve more balance between building a business and not missing those precious moments with your little ones, so you can stop feeling guilty all the time!


This Masterclass will take you through a step-by-step approach that allows you to quickly identify what price to set for your product, what results you should expect, and how to maximize profit from the beginning.


This Masterclass you will take you through a step-by-step approach that allows you to develop your presentation in a way that connects with your audience - attracting those much needed customers, employees, partners and investors to enable you to take your business to the next level.

So if you have a passion for building a successful business without sacrificing time with your family, then get your place on the next program here:
If you have any questions about the Accelerator program, Masterclasses, or enything else, please contact -
Not sure if this is for you?
If you'd prefer to 'go it alone', or expect to create a 'billion dollar company', or if you already have customers paying for a scalable product at a price that provides you with a great profit, then this Accelerator is not for you.  

Whereas, if you want help to:
  • Identify whether your startup idea can be successful (or whether you need to change the idea a bit first) 
  • Design a startup that lets you spend time with the people you love (rather than being a low-paid, all-hours job!)
  • Make time for fitness and family whilst building your business
  • Build a business that makes a positive impact on peoples' lives and you can be proud of
  • Identify a product that customers are willing to pay enough to give your business a profit (allowing you to grow!)
...then this is the perfect Accelerator program for you. 
Not got an idea for a business?
That's almost better! You won't be constrained in your thinking, and instead will be more open to what customers REALLY want. 

I promise the program will help you identify a range of product ideas you could go with, and pick the one that's most likely to be successful whilst also being a goof fit for you.
Worried about the time it'll take?
You might think you don't have time for this accelerator program... don't fall into this trap!

We've found that as long as you can make 6 hours of your time available per week, you'll be fine.

Without help you are likely to spend approximately 12 months working towards getting your first sale, with a low chance of success (and high likelihood of having to get a job instead).

Whereas people who joined this program said, on average, that they saved:
  • 10.5 months of time they would have spent working on getting their first sale
  • 21.5 hours PER WEEK more with their family than before
  • £4,000 they would have otherwise wasted on advertising or product development of the wrong product
Still not sure?
Here's what other people said about the program:

"This program has been absolutely fantastic! I’ve moved forward more in just the 6 weeks of the course than I’ve done in the last 2 years. I’ve gone from severely lacking in confidence & not feeling like I had an idea that could become a business, to Skyping people from all over the world & knowing that I have the tools & support necessary to create a successful business which I love & allows me to live my ‘perfect week’ with my family.” 

- Helen N.

“10/10 – A really structured approach. The perfect week exercise was really useful to visualise what I want to happen and make it more likely to happen. The mission exercise was great for establishing emotional connection to me to what I do and to others. Was totally missing before and I was struggling to find it. The exercises have really helped me find tangible connection. Loved the 1:2:1 coaching on the Q&A calls. Massively valuable. The iteration has been great – I’ve totally reshaped my mission multiple times and now I’m implementing my mission EVERYWHERE. The podcasts and activities also helped me find trends I hadn’t seen before.”

-Sophie E.

“10/10 - It is a brilliant process… it really made me think hard about each and every feature in my mini-pitch and how it satisfies my ideal customer's must-have requirements. Perhaps the biggest impact has been on my personal life. I set up my perfect week as part of week 1 (within 3 weeks of giving birth to Anaya) and I’m now managing to get close to living it! I now spend quality time with my family. No more working crazy hours on low priority feel-good box-ticking work. Previously I often worked at midnight and 1am, with arguments with my husband as a result. Now I work fewer hours but on high priority items. It's amazing! When I work, I work 100%, when I'm playing with the little ones, I'm playing 100%. No distractions. I highly recommend the program and stress the importance of following the process faithfully despite the temptation to skip a step or two!" 

- Rashmi S.
You can relax, we guarantee you’ll be happy…
If you finish the program and don't end up with pre-orders for a product that will enable you to build the business of your dreams, just let us know and we'll refund you 100% of the amount you paid.

(This is because we are the only Accelerator in the world that aims for 100% success rate! Most are happy if just one startup makes it big.)
We care passionately about helping Parentpreneurs succeed.

We've seen far too many failed Parentpreneurs going back to their jobs, or worse… damaging their health or relationships in the pursuit of success.

Please, please, please let us help. :-)
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