Hi, I’m Alexis Kingsbury, founder of the Parentpreneur Accelerator. I’m a lucky husband and proud dad of two wonderful children.

I’ve set up 8 start-ups at various points since the age of 13, including a SaaS business (that I still I own) that provides 360 feedback review software that helps thousands of businesses in 134+ countries to help employees prioritise personal development and actually take action.

'Alexis at Flipchart' by Jon Arton (Artist)

Thanks to artist @jonarton for this very kind picture

In the past, as a Management Consultant, I’ve worked with hundreds of leaders and managers leaders from organisations such as Sony, AstraZeneca and Britvic to help them to achieve high performance.

I now help Parent Entrepreneurs (“Parentpreneurs”) to build successful businesses whilst having time with the people they love.

I’m a professional speaker and love presenting on a range of topics, including:

  • How to become successful as a parentpreneur
  • How to test your startup idea in the early stages without spending £1,000s and months of your life
  • How to grow your business without sacrificing your personal (family) life.

I’m proud of the amazing results the Parentpreneur Accelerator has achieved so far, and look forward to reaching my vision of helping 1,000s of Parentpreneurs to succeed each year.