Alexis presenting 'The 6 Steps to Your First Sale' at Google Campus

Alexis presenting ‘The 6 Steps to Your First Sale’ at Google Campus

My life completely changed when I started attending events and listening to other entrepreneurs to learn their mistakes and what has been working for them.

I have seen first-hand that the success of a particular event generally comes down to the quality of the speakers. If they added huge value to their audience, it was a great event. If they didn’t, the event sucked.

I know that event organizers like you often spend hours researching speakers, to make sure they are just the right fit. So, I hope this information below will make it easy for you to make the best decision.

Thanks for considering me. I am honored.

My most requested topics

Interactive workshops

From my background as a Management Consultant and trainer, I have a lot of experience in running interactive workshops, rather than just ‘show and tell’ speeches. Attendees at these sessions learn a lot, but also ‘learn by doing’ through activities and discussions that really get them thinking.

These are the topics I cover most often through these workshops:

  1. What does ‘success’ mean for you, and how can you ‘guarantee’ your success?
  2. How do you find time to build your startup alongside studying, working and/or being a parent?
  3. What is a great startup idea, and how do you create one?
  4. Why does ‘passion’ matter for a startup, and how do you find yours?
  5. How can you pitch your startup idea in a way that really connects with the audience?

Presentations and keynotes

In addition to interactive workshops, I also can provide more traditional presentations and keynote sessions. These most often cover the following topics:

  1. For a new startup, what are the right steps (in the right order), and when should you pivot?
  2. Why does having a ‘killer idea’ for startup lead to killing your business and destroying your family?
  3. How do you identify the right price to set for your product to maximise profit?
  4. How do you evaluate whether your startup needs investment, and why might you not want it at all?
  5. Why do parent entrepreneurs have a better chance of success than non-parent entrepreneurs?
  6. How do you successfully hire A-players? (including an amazing virtual assistant who runs your business for you when you get too busy)?


I also do live coaching sessions where I work directly with one or two entrepreneurs (in front of an audience of other entrepreneurs), helping them overcome their biggest obstacles, whilst ‘going meta’ to show the audience the limiting thinking we tend to have as entrepreneurs that holds us back.

This is actually a really entertaining, enlightening and unique session. Sadly I don’t have a video I’m allowed to share of me doing it… (yet!) but feel free to ask me more about exactly how this works.


I’m also happy to do panel or Q&A sessions – and can combine this with any of the sessions above.


What others are saying

“Alexis, you’re awesome! Very attentive to all of us, and you helped me make the leap to becoming an entrepreneur.” – June Angeldies, Founder of Mums in Technology

“10/10 – I can already see the positive impact on my startup – starting from WHY, now going deep into WHO… it’s given me so much clarity and direction.” – Rashmi Sirdeshpande, Co-Founder of Cheeky Yogi

“[The live coaching session] has been really useful. I definitely feel more focused and motivated so it’s been positive for me. Building my startup feels less of a daunting task after this conversation. I feel like I might get somewhere sooner than I had originally hoped!” – Tinu Alikor, Founder of Baby Point App

“[The workshop on pricing] has provided practical & simple steps to take to ensuring that my business isn’t tripped up by picking the wrong price. It’s made a seemingly confusing topic seem much more understandable” – Helen Noakes

“Within just 4 minutes it was clear that Alexis’ was the best presentation.” – Dan Bradbury, The Millionaire Coach

“Great presentation, I just wish [Alexis] was around when I was starting my business ten years ago!” – Dino Tartaglia, Business Growth Hackers

“Great job. [Alexis] really connected with the audience.” – Rich Schefren, CEO of Strategic Profits