012: Neil Sheth – using SEO to get your brand found online

Podcast Artwork - 012 - Neil Sheth

In this episode, I speak to Neil Sheth, fellow parentpreneur, and SEO wizard. Neil is the founder of Your Brand Found, which provides training, coaching and support in establishing an online presence, identifying opportunities to drive new leads and customers, and using best practices when it comes to SEO, content marketing and social media. Neil built…

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011: Sophie Edginton – the power of getting specific on your target customer and what you help them to do

Podcast Artwork - 011 - Sophie Edington

In this episode I’m joined by fellow Parentpreneur, Sophie Edginton, founder of the Dinner Set. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sophie through my startup accelerator program to help her find product-market fit, and am now helping her to prepare to scale her business. She’s had a lot of useful experiences that I’m looking forward…

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010: Josh Pigford – how to retain customers to build a profitable business

Podcast - 010 - Josh Pigford - Baremetrics

In episode 010, I interview fellow Parentpreneur Josh Pigford, the founder of baremetrics – a software business that helps other subscription businesses to analyse their growth and churn data. He has grown his business from nothing in 2013 to over $80,000 revenue per month. This is an impressive achievement as unlike many fast-growth software businesses,…

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009: Wendy Shand – Building a £Multi-million holiday business after a parent’s worst nightmare

Podcast - 009 - Wendy Shand - Tots to Travel

In this episode I interview Wendy Shand, founder of Tots To Travel, a multi-award winning holiday provider, who specialise in providing parents with young children and babies a stress free holiday experience. Wendy set up Tots to Travel in 2006 after a horrible holiday experience in which her two-year-old fell into an unenclosed pool. Since…

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008: Francesca Tortora – Doing it for the kids

Podcast Artwork - 008 - Francesca Tortora

In this episode, I talk to fellow Parentpreneur Francesca Tortora, a Freelance Graphic designer who works with individuals, small businesses and established brands across the arts, media and charitable sectors. Alongside her graphic design work, in 2016 Francesca set up ‘Doing It For the Kids.net’ – a site that compiles stories from other Freelancing Parents.…

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