New Book: The DNA of 110% Training Attendance

You'll learn how to use the 3-Step DNA model to drastically improve attendance on your courses, and encourage learning to be shared across your organization.

This book shows you how getting people to register and attend training courses can be easy, fun and have a significant impact on your organization and employees.

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In this Book You Will Discover How To...

  • Create DESIRE

    First you need to make sure you are creating and communicating an irresistible offering that employees would travel miles & pay vast amounts to attend (but won’t need to).

    This will enable you to break down barriers of ‘busy-ness’, and reluctance to enroll. You will also learn how to empower employees to act quickly, and defend their place on the course.

  • Leverage the NETWORK

    Next, you’ll learn how to set up the processes & mechanisms to ensure that 100% of spaces on your courses are filled and attended.

    This will enable you to get the message out quickly and (relatively) effortlessly. You will help employees and managers commit to ensuring those that enroll, attend.

  • AMPLIFY and spiral upward

    Finally, you’ll learn how to deliver incredible value in a way that causes employees to share what they learn with others (resulting in ‘110% attendance’), and get them to help fill your next course.

    You also learn how to capitalise on success and making the first two steps easier and easier. You’ll then discover how your new skills enable you to further encourage everyone’s quest for personal development.

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A compelling read on a pertinent topic. The observations  are so true, and the DNA model provides excellent food for thought.

Nova Heather
Nova Heather Learning & Development Manager, Avios
Pre-Order For Only $19.99

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