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“Finally I feel I’m making some headway and making some progress! Using the approach recommended, I’ve been able to identify that the target market I originally was going to focus on isn’t right for me or my idea. This has saved me months of my life and ££££s!!!”
- David W.
This video and checklist can help your startup to succeed...
Too many startup businesses attempt to go for rapid scale and financial freedom too early. 

This results in working on the wrong things and spending months wasting £1,000s and months of your life.

Instead, what you really need to do is just get your first sale! 

This will give you validation that your product solves a real problem, that customers are prepared to hand over hard cash for.

So, to help get you that first sale, I have developed 6 essential simple steps for you to follow. This process has helped many of the Parentpreneurs that I work with go from a struggling business to £1,000's worth of pre-orders.

Watch this video and use the associated checklist to get clear on exactly what you need to do, and where you are at in the process.

    What others Parentpreneurs say about the 6 steps...

    "After attending London Business School and Google Campus for Mums, I thought I’d know how to create a successful business. Yet after 6 months of slow progress in my startup, I felt exhausted. I wasn’t getting time with my new baby and my health was deteriorating.

    Then I came across Alexis. I found his 6-step approach to be so incredibly valuable. It didn’t start with a ‘great idea’ or a customer need or even a target customer. It started with me, what I wanted from life, and my purpose. It was so refreshing. He made me see what I had been missing, and immediately change how I was spending my time. 

    6 weeks later, I had my first sales, which was something I’d been unable to achieve in the previous 6 months! 

    Following the steps has literally saved me from burn-out, given me time with my children, and propelled my business in the right direction.”

    - Rashmi Sirdeshpande

    "Finally I feel I’m making some headway with this and making some progress!

    Using the 6-step approach, I’ve been able to identify that the target market I originally was going to focus on isn’t right for me or my idea. This has saved me months of my life and ££££s!!!

    I then changed the idea and continued through the 6-steps. I now have 4 customers who have paid me over £1,000 for the new product, before I've spent any time building it!”

    - David Walker

    "Family pressures over the previous few months had taken a lot of my time. I felt less focused and less sure of my direction. 

    The business I was creating meant money would take forever to come in, and after 18 months of working on the business, I didn’t have enough money left to ‘buy the audience’. I wanted to make it profitable and make it more fun for me and my partners. 

    When working by yourself you need someone to bounce off and a structure to work to. Otherwise it is so easy to go off on a total tangent, and end up in a place that is so different in terms of what you wanted in terms of the time and money you are spending on the business, and what you wanted to achieve. 

    Through Alexis’ help, I’ve changed my business model, and built a solution for a customer that is real and I have proof that it works – I’ve had it validated by 10 of my ideal customers who have paid for my service. I feel I now have a really strong foundation on which to build my business, which is really exciting!”

    - Sophie Edginton

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