A code of honour describes the standards of behaviour we regard as ‘proper’ for our business. These are not ‘aspirational’. They are  things we all do, all day, every day. If we slip from them, we call ourselves and each other on them.

You can learn more about this by reading Team Code of Honor: The Secrets of Champions in Business and in Life (Rich Dad’s Advisors) by Blair Singer.

This is our code of honour:

  1. Put Partners and Children first – both ours and our customers’. Most businesses say ‘business first’, we’re different.
  2. Live and work with purpose & passion – we’re not here to ‘do a job’, we’re changing lives and should massively care about this.
  3. Design your life, year, month, day – we don’t get washed along or end up firefighting
  4. Be on time – plan ahead, don’t leave punctuality to chance.
  5. Admit mistakes promptly – we don’t attempt to hide or ignore them.
  6. Expect failure on the path to success – if we aren’t failing occasionally, we aren’t stretching ourselves enough.
  7. Don’t leave a team member behind – we care about each other, and someone who is struggling to get things done on time needs help regardless of what they might say.
  8. Challenge assumptions – we are all wrong sometimes, so make sure you understand WHY an assumption or conclusion has been reached.
  9. Be ethical – never fail the ‘red face test’.
  10. Take responsibility for your actions AND the actions of your teammates – we are all to blame for a mistake as we all have an opportunity to fix problems, and we all share the credit when we get things right.
  11. Always be learning – we actively seek knowledge and experiences that enable us to grow
  12. Everyone is responsible for long-term success of the business and our customers – we consciously think long-term, we consciously think about success, and we know its the responsibility of every member of the team to speak up and take action.
  13. Have ‘productive fun’ – we find ways to make what we do fun for us and our customers, in a way that isn’t just ‘for the sake of it’ and instead contributes towards specific goals.

Questions, clarifications and suggestions are a very good thing. Send them to Alexis and we’ll discuss how to adapt the code to be clearer, stronger, and more effective.

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