032: Dan Bradbury – how to find the right business model for your business

In this episode, I am delighted to be interviewing one of my mentors, Dan Bradbury. He is a serial entrepreneur, investor and fellow Parentpreneur. With Dan and his team’s coaching I have been able to drastically increase profits for my software business. So, I was really keen to get him on the podcast to share some of his insights with you.

Dan is an inspirational thought leader with impeccable critical thinking and a thirst for personal development. One way in which he constantly develops his skills is through reading, I believe he is currently aiming to read a book PER DAY this year, and was at one time one of the fastest speed readers in the world!

I met Dan at one of his company’s (Dan Bradbury Ltd – previously Business Growth Systems) events, which has previously included guest speakers such as Jay Abraham, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, Steve Bolton and Richard Reed.

Another of Dan’s talents is to buy and turn around businesses, often altering their business model to turn a struggling business into a successful one. Which makes Dan the ideal candidate to discuss the topic of finding the right business model for your business.

In this episode we explore the different ways in which a business can make money, what we need to know in order to choose the right model, and which business models work particularly well for new businesses.

For more information, and resources from Dan (including his book: Breeding Gazelles) check out: www.danbradbury.com

About The Author

Alexis Kingsbury

Alexis is founder of the Parentpreneur Accelerator and Making Greatness Ltd. He is a serial entrepreneur, with experience creating start-ups in a variety of areas, particularly in SaaS and EdTech. He is also a lucky husband and proud dad, and now helps other 'parentpreneurs' like him to achieve their dreams of having successful businesses, making a difference in the world, and spending time with the people they love.

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