079: Rebecca Cross – Stepping into your greatness…

On this week’s episode I am interviewing Rebecca Cross. 

Rebecca Cross is a Business Success & Motivational Strategist who works alongside aspiring female entrepreneurs looking to build their dream business and achieve the lifestyle that they deserve, not in the future but now.

Rebecca’s goal is to help 2 million women ‘Step into their Greatness’ and achieve their dreams, taking it one step at a time.  

Rebecca has an emotional story that has made her the great woman she is today and although she suffered mental abuse, learning difficulties and more…Rebecca found strength in her dark times and managed to rise from the shadows to shine a light on the women she now mentors every single day. 

Rebecca has built her own successful business empire within coaching and property, studied motivation, business strategy and mindset so that she can motivate and support other women and enable them to realise that anything is possible

Alongside her busy career she also manages family life with her husband and 3 kids. 

In this episode, we’ll discuss: 

  • How to build a business empire around being a mum 
  • Finding your passion and how you can make this your living
  • Feeling fear and pushing through it

Resources mentioned in the episode:

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