087: Laura Cross – Inventors and Makers

On this week’s episode I am interviewing Laura Cross who runs a children’s education business “Inventors & Makers“.

Laura originally trained as a lawyer, before leaving the corporate life to retrain as a primary school teacher. After teaching in London for a few years, Laura relocated to San Francisco for her husband’s work.

Laura spent three years in California working for an education technology start-up – which she says is the best job of her life!

After returning to the UK with her first child in 2017, she briefly went back to teaching in a school before launching her own children’s education business, Inventors & Makers, last year.

In this episode, we’ll discuss:

• Talk about the importance of creating a great team culture for the modern workplace.
• Discuss what she learnt from her time in San Francisco which influenced her in starting Inventors & Makers
• Her advice to parentpreneurs about developing 21st century skills in their teams and in their children.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Inventors & Makers
The Maker Movement
Facebook / Instagram

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