Poor training attendance causes a downward spiral for L&D

Empty training session

If you are reading this, you are probably responsible for the development of employees at your organization.

Not only that, but you probably care a lot about whether or not those employees are growing, learning, getting better.

You intentionally spend time and money on making sure this happens.

When it doesn’t happen, particularly when employees don’t attend courses or take advantage of the learning opportunities you provide, it hurts.

It hurts your business, as it costs time and money. Worse than that is the missed opportunity. Imagine what your employees could be doing better if they had learned instead of going to a team meeting or meeting one additional client.

It also hurts you. When people don’t show up, you feel bad. Worse, you and your team change your beliefs on the quality of what you provide, how many people you expect to show up next time, and what results you can achieve for the organization.

This change in expectations becomes visible to others and so even fewer people show up. Managers show less support. Your role becomes less important.

The entire role and importance of L&D starts to spiral downwards.

However, I strongly believe it is possible to reverse this downward spiral.

Even better, it is within the control of L&D to do so – but you have to start by realizing that you can do this!


About The Author

Alexis Kingsbury

Alexis is founder of the Parentpreneur Accelerator and Making Greatness Ltd. He is a serial entrepreneur, with experience creating start-ups in a variety of areas, particularly in SaaS and EdTech. He is also a lucky husband and proud dad, and now helps other 'parentpreneurs' like him to achieve their dreams of having successful businesses, making a difference in the world, and spending time with the people they love.


  • Dan Simpson

    April 28, 2015

    Completely agree – thanks for sharing!