We help you build your business successfully whilst getting more time with your family.


Our Masterclasses provide short (1-8 hours) step-by-step sessions that take you through a series of actions to get a very specific outcome, all at a ridiculously low cost (designed to make this a no-brainer).

We have a range of specific Masterclasses, including ‘Balance’ (help you achieve balance between building a business and getting those precious moments with your little ones so you can stop feeling guilty all the time!), ‘Pricing’ (helping you to quickly identify what price to set for your product, know what results you should expect, and how to maximize profit from the beginning), and ‘Pitch’ (taking you through a step-by-step approach that allows you to develop your presentation in a way that connects with your audience).


Our accelerators are in-depth programs that support you over multiple weeks to achieve a major milestone for your business.

This includes our Parentpreneur Startup Accelerator (which helps you identify a real problem for your business to solve, get your first sales, and accelerate your success) and our Path-to-Profit Accelerator, which helps you to build on initial sales to create an awesome product that attracts referrals and up-sells, develop a super-profitable business model, and prepare your business to grow.

Please contact sales@parentpreneur.com with any specific requests or queries.

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