I’m often asked what equipment, tools, technology, apps and so on I use to do a variety of tasks, so here’s a a list of some of the best things I use, I hope you find them as valuable as I do:

Video & screen recording

Audio recording

Video editing


Website setup

  • Hostgator (cheap & cheerful hosting)
  • SiteGround (better, but still low-cost hosting)
  • Rackspace (powerful, best-in-class hosting, with a price to match)
  • GANDI.net (low cost domain registration)
  • WordPress (excellent web content management system)

Reading & learning

Accounting, banking and bookkeeping

  • Expensify (Capture expenses on your phone, then export them to your accounting package)
  • Xero (Excellent online accounting package)
  • Barclays (Good bank, with decent online banking & app)

Accepting payments

  • Stripe (far better than Worldpay or Paypal for integrations and ease of setup)

Customer support / ticketing and email automation

  • Intercom (user-friendly suite of features for customer support, on-site engagement, and email automation)
  • Infusionsoft (powerful but unfriendly tool for more complex email and process automation)

Note: Some of the above are affiliate links. This means I receive a small commission (~5%) provided in the form of an Amazon gift card when you buy through my links. This helps me buy and test out more equipment, allowing me to share more of the most useful via this list. Thank you for your support.

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