As part of the Parentpreneur Accelerator program, Alexis runs weekly coaching calls to help the Parentpreneurs identify and tackle their biggest obstacles, get clear on their next steps, and take decisions that catapult them forward.

Alexis is now offering a free group coaching session (for people who are not on the Parentpreneur Accelerator program), to help you make progress and give you a taste of what it is like to work with him on your business.

The Q&A / coaching session will be run online, using Zoom (an online meeting / conference tool). During the call, Alexis will ask attendees to identify (via chat box) if they are available to talk live (or you can type your questions in the chat box).

If selected to talk live, Alexis will un-mute you to talk to you about your current situation and help you live on the call.  Everyone listens to each other’s sessions with Alexis, as often you’ll get an insight, idea or understanding from someone else’s situation that applies to you too.

Alexis will talk to as many people as he can in the session, which lasts 60 minutes.

The next session will be on 11 October 2018 at 13:00 UK time. To receive details of how to join this session (and receive updates on future free coaching call sessions), please register below:

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Register to attend the free group coaching call with Alexis

Get advice to overcome your top obstacles, get clear on your next steps, and make decisions to move you forward more quickly.

Thank you! Please check your email to get details of the next free coaching call session, and to add it to your calendar.