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Stories from the Parentpreneur Startup Accelerator:

June A.

Rashmi S.

Helen N.

Helen“Before joining the Parentpreneur Startup Accelerator Program, I felt overwhelmed by how much needed to be done before I could get anything off the ground, and as a result, frustrated by achieving nothing much. I spent a lot of my time procrastinating! As a result, I was stuck in a cycle of never moving forward, which made me annoyed & frustrated, and unfortunately my family were often on the receiving end of this which put a strain on those relationships & felt like I was pushing people away.

Soon after joining the program, I found I was making progress forward everyday & it made me more & more confident in my ability to run & make a success of my startup. The program helped me find out my original idea wouldn’t work, and then helped me get straight ‘back on the horse’ & carry on with finding a new problem to solve, rather than taking 2/3 months to re-start the process.

This course has been absolutely fantastic! I’ve moved forward more in just the 6 weeks of the course than I’ve done in the last 2 years. I’ve gone from severely lacking in confidence & not feeling like I had an idea that could become a business, to Skyping people from all over the world & knowing that I have the tools & support necessary to create a successful business which I love & allows me to live my ‘perfect week’ with my family.”

 Sophie E.

Sophie E“10/10 – A really structured approach. The perfect week exercise was really useful to visualise what I want to happen and make it more likely to happen. The mission exercise was great for establishing emotional connection to me to what I do and to others. Was totally missing before and I was struggling to find it.

The exercises have really helped me find tangible connection. Loved the 1:2:1 coaching on the Q&A calls. Massively valuable. The iteration has been great – I’ve totally reshaped my mission multiple times and now I’m implementing my mission EVERYWHERE. The podcasts and activities also helped me find trends I hadn’t seen before.”

Tanja K.

Tanja“Before working with Alexis through the Parentpreneur Startup Accelerator Program, I was a chaotic, busy, serial entrepreneur, helping people with their businesses (often for free!). I felt manic, chaotic, anxious, frustrated, sad, and disappointed.

Its been an emotional journey, but working with Alexis has really made me think about who I am and what and why I want to do what I do. Defining my target audience clearly and steering away from helping everyone has been great! I’ve found my business now – finally!!!!! It took a while, but the penny has dropped for me, and I’ve realized what I can do and now have figured out how to help them without stressing myself out, and making money !!!! 

The program has also helped me prioritise my life, helping me to be focused! Including helping me focus on playing with kids and being with them 100% … Even my daughter now asks me what day is it and checks the calendar I developed through the program, and says – hey Mom, its Michaela time now! It makes me give her 100% of my attention and not wasting time not working effectively while they are around.”

Monica R.

Monica“10/10 – I have already have recommended the program to a friend. It is extremely well structured and has helped me lots. I might become a proper entrepeneur by the end of it!”


David W.

Dave walker“All the feedback is great! This is certainly giving me lots of food for thought as I piece it all together. Finally I feel I’m making some headway with this and making some progress!

Using the approach recommended in the program and a connection I made through another member of the program, I’ve been able to identify that the target market I originally was going to focus on isn’t right for me or my idea. This has saved me months of my life and ££££s!!!”


Sophie D.

Sophie“I would definitely recommend people join the Parentpreneur Startup Accelerator, as from my experience, even the little of the programme I managed to follow before pausing to have a baby helped me really think about my perfect life and why I was really wanting to do this business. Just within the first week, the programme raises points I hadn’t ever considered seriously – points I had always thought of considering but with no structure or deadlines, I kept putting off.

Being part of a community of other parents/expecting parents is great as it shows you how do-able this all is even while being an amazing parent – this helps you being inspired on a daily basis. It’s also a great way to learn what others are doing which helps you consider new things for your business. The amount of available resources to look at in our free time is also brilliant – and I have been using this time, while waiting for this little one to be ready to come out, to listen to podcasts and audio books. Something I know I will pick up to be inspired again when I am ready to come back.

The support and encouragement of the group is also massive – It was my biggest struggle when I left the big corporate world to find myself trying to tell myself this will work- this is a good idea – this needs improvement etc without being able to brainstorm or get other people’s views.

I still follow some of the comments on the Facebook group… some of it makes me feel a bit envious that I can’t keep up with everyone but at the same time makes me really excited to come back and carry on the programme.

There is also no pressure from Alexis to come back until I feel ready, and that’s simply great – as we never know what kind of little one we will get!

I am excited to come back onto this programme. I must say that the peer to peer thing is a massive pull to the programme. I can see how everyone is helping each other and motivating each other. It’s really quite amazing to “see”.

Gabriella L.

“Alexis – this is amazing! So productive, efficient, inspiring and creative – all the things you are! I absolutely love the postcard of your customer by your computer, cutting out irrelevant characteristics and thinking of people you already know. Thank you so much for this, it has given me ten times more clarity.”


Radoslava L.

“I was amazed by how Alexis managed to point me in the direction of my Why in a matter of minutes by asking a few specific guiding questions during the Q&A call. It was a great perspective shift to try and focus on what others want and feel, rather than on myself.

Discovered that I’m passionate about helping people realise their ideas/dreams (so far through software). Was not surprised, but had never articulated it so clearly. Next step: narrow this down, so it’s not so abstract.”

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