The Seven Best Apps For Parent Entrepreneurs

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When it comes to being a parent entrepreneur, we know that it’s less about chasing money and more about pursuing the lifestyle you desire most. All of us want to free up time and make day-to-day tasks easier to ensure that we can concentrate on raising the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Here are seven of the best apps to help startup owners get more stuff done in juggling their business and parental commitments.

1. Dropbox

If you are still carrying around USB sticks packed with random files, you need to get these onto the cloud, pronto. Dropbox is a fantastic place to store data, spreadsheets, downloads, and videos from any device.

While this may not sound very exciting to some, the creative opportunities DropBox facilitates with centralized communications can be very appealing.

For instance, if you make videos for your business and shoot them from your phone, storing these cumbersome files in the cloud for editing streamlines the process of getting your content out there, as well as ensuring your files are backed up.

You can choose the free plan or pay the premium to get more storage space. Stop wasting time scraping around in the bottom of your handbag or briefcase looking for that dusty old USB.

2. Today

Self-improvement should come naturally to any entrepreneur, but it’s all too easy to fall into bad habits. Whether you want to improve your diet and fitness, or you want to see daily affirmations, Today is a goal tracking app packed with cool features.

You can set daily goals, check them off, and sync it to calendar – giving you an overview of your progress. You can choose to run daily affirmations with motivational pictures in the background and track your fitness by syncing with Apple Health. You can even use it to create a journal. The app is highly immersive and feels very personal to use. Freemium users can set three habits per day, so why not give it go?

3. Audible

An app that your children will love just as much as you, Audible is a fantastic audiobook app. It carries an enormous collection of titles, as well as many things you can listen to for free from any device.

For entrepreneurs who don’t have the luxury of a few spare hours to pour over a good book, this app can offer you an excellent source of brain food on-the-go. Play an audiobook in the car on the way to work and listen to it at 2x or 3x speed to get through a whole book in just a couple of hours.

4. Buffer

Keeping up with social media is an integral part of modern business. But let’s face it, if you’re a parent, you need to make sure that you are making every second count because your children should always take priority.

Buffer is a great social scheduling tool with lots of free features. However, the paid version opens up a new world of possibilities for those who are keen to stay ahead of multiple networks simultaneously. For example, if you are scheduling Instagram posts, sync Buffer up to your mobile and receive alerts prompting you to post at certain times of the day.

5. Shopify

Struggling with cash flow issues is one of the top causes of startups failing, as discussed in this previous podcast episode. It is vital to keep the coffers from running empty. But, if you are a seasonal business owner, this can be extremely difficult to pull off.

If you have never considered ecommerce because you don’t have the web design or inventory, why not make an online store with Shopify? Then, you can get you started with a fully stocked dropshipping store in just a few hours.

With dropship suppliers, you list the goods on your shop and purchase them once a customer order has been placed. A third party then handles the storage and the fulfillment of your orders on your behalf.

Dropshipping is an excellent way to chop and change products until you find a profitable niche. You can also sync this ‘plug and play’ ecommerce app with a vast array of plugins. Automate everything from recordkeeping to social shopping, customer referral emails and so on.

6. SleepCycle

Sleep is vital to a happy and healthy life as a parent and entrepreneur. If you have ever suffered the feeling of waking up ‘on the wrong side of the bed,’ you will know what it is like to have your REM sleep cycle interrupted. It’s not good, especially if you have trouble getting your full eight hours in every night.

SleepCycle is an alarm that tracks your sleep rhythms through your smartphone. The app then syncs to an alarm that will wake you up within a 30 minute time interval, designed to best suit your last REM cycle.

To further optimise your sleep patterns, you can also monitor your weekly records on a graph. ‘Hack’ your biorhythmic patterns to ensure you get golden sleep every single night.

7. Headspace

Guided meditation can be really powerful. There are a range guided meditation apps available online, but Headspace has a great looking interface. Many entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley take time out to meditate every day, and the benefits have been talked up everywhere as of late.

With its free version, you can take part in a 10-step lesson plan with voiced-over guided meditation sessions. These recordings then run for intervals of just 10 minutes. If you are struggling with stress and anxiety before a big meeting, or you need to declutter your mind to come up with a creative idea, plug in your headphones and get some headspace.

Mobile technology and apps give parent entrepreneurs the tools and outlets they need to stay ahead of their goals. Spend some time looking into any one of these seven apps.

Please let me know if which of these solutions you use to help you better balance your working and parental duties.

Victoria GreeneThis is a guest post, beautifully written  and kindly provided by Victoria Greene, edited (with very few changes) by Alexis Kingsbury. None of the apps above paid to be featured, nor do we receive commission on any of the links. We really just love these apps! 🙂

Victoria Greene is a freelance writer and branding consultant. She runs a blog called Victoriaecommerce where she shares tips with parent entrepreneurs looking to simplify their digital lives with automated tools.

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